Pre-Recorded Sessions

In addition to having live keynote speakers, we will also be having pre-recorded sessions that will be available for viewing during the conference and for at least 30 days after the conference.

As we receive materials from our presenters, we will add their session information to this page, so check back often!

Abstract: Your students’ language abilities are a superpower and even more so in education where multilingual teachers are in high demand. Learn about how you can use the website TeachLangWisconsin to help your students explore careers in education, plus post-secondary and scholarship programs, that leverage their language skills.
Abstract: ELL writers reported their perceived ownership of English and composed stories or statements imagining their futures. This session presents a research study on the topic of L2 fiction writing, with implications for L2 writing and identity development.
Abstract: What can we learn from multilingual learners who persisted in achieving academically during the pandemic? How might students’ feelings and experiences inform opportunities for ML program growth? Drawing from survey data gathered in 2020 and 2021, this presentation will connect social and emotional learning to successful student outcomes.
Abstract: This presentation examines transnational digital communication between three groups of English language learners participating in the Global StoryBridges project to look at how meaning making is shaped across different and complex digital and local ecologies. Implications for teachers and educational designers seeking to create more equitable experiences are shared.
Abstract: Inspired by Jewell’s “This Book is Anti-Racist,” Wang organized an anti-racist book club in which teachers brainstormed ways to adapt Jewell’s activities for English learners. By sharing the results of the discussions, this presentation will provide practical anti-racist activity ideas and share tips for facilitating one’s own anti-racist book club.
Abstract: This session presents an investigation of language transfer in four-word bundles by Indonesian writers. The findings indicate English effects on Indonesian written production, instead of Indonesian effect on English production. The pedagogy implications for teaching four word English lexical bundles to improve the quality of the writers’ work are discussed.
Abstract: Conference presentations usually focus on students, but teachers also need encouragement and motivation. This energetic session discusses the psychological, cognitive, and physical benefits of mindfulness, and demonstrates a number of insightful mindfulness activities that guarantee to help teachers find joy and inspiration in their daily life in- and outside the language classroom.