Mentor Program

WITESOL recently launched a mentor/mentee program for our members. If you are interested in being a mentor to another educator in a similar level teaching position, or if you are someone in need of a mentor, please complete this short form here.  We are always looking for more participants. Once paired up with another WITESOL member, mentors/mentees can choose to meet virtually via a platform like Zoom, engaged in email exchanges, talk on the phone, or meet in person. Mentors/mentees are able to choose what works best for them and how often they would like to meet.

For those who are not new to education or their teaching position, but would still like to connect with another member to share and swap ideas when needed, you may also complete the same mentor form, but indicate that you are looking for a teaching buddy.   

If you have any questions, or suggestions, about our mentor program please email