Professional Development

Learn about current professional development opportunities available to educators in Wisconsin. Please note that WITESOL is only sharing these opportunities and is not responsible for the content and quality of these opportunities. 

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Co-plan, Co-serve, Co-learn Webinar

Recording from the webinar:

On September 23rd, Heather A. Linville and the TESOL program at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, were happy to receive funding from WITESOL to offer a regional professional development event. There is a need for co-teaching to improve instruction and outcomes for ELs in our schools, and the increasing focus on the Co-plan, Co-serve, Co-learn (C3) model (Capper & Frattura, 2017) has been a push in the right direction for effective and equitable instruction for ELs. We offered the webinar, C3: Co-Planning to Co-Serve and Co-Learn, to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitude to use this model for co-teaching. Originally planned as a face-to-face workshop for the spring of 2020, global events (the COVID-19 pandemic) changed our plans and we changed the event to a virtual webinar, adding the topic of co-teaching virtually. While we knew the event would offer less networking for participants, we were excited that more would be able to participate removing the limitations of space and transportation.